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Atlantic Tech Solutions can perform detailed security analysis of your company’s IT situation. This includes auditing not only your own internal computer environment, but also other providers you may have like web hosting companies and other third party service providers. Contact us for more info.

Sensible Security Steps You Can Do Yourself:

One of the largest problems users both at home and in the office face is the number of “worms” and viruses targeting their browser, which is usually Internet Explorer. Below are some simple steps which can help you in your home or business break the cycle of infections and spy ware invading your computer.

  • Get (some of) the fixes for free: Windows Update. This is the site to get updated security updates for your Windows computer.
  • Get the best browser We have replaced all of our client’s default browser with Mozilla the basis of Netscape 7.x and will make the Internet a pleasure again. It has a built-in pop-up stopper, as well as many other excellent security features. Moreover, it is the browser which is most compliant to the published web standards. We use this exclusively at home and at work. The built-in e-mail client has an excellent junk mail filter which “learns” the more you use it.
  • Use a “firewall”. A firewall is a device or software which sits between your computer or network and the Internet. For the best performance/reliability, we recommend a hardware based firewall which can be used with more than one computer.
  • Use Open Office to open Word .doc files. Open Office is a free, open source Office Suite with excellent security features and MS Office compatibility. Installing is easy and will not mess up your system. Highly recommended.
  • Scanning for Spy Bots and other nasty programs. The best and most powerful is from This award winning software will find and remove hidden “spy ware” and other nastiness without breaking your computer. 5 stars..

The Internet is still a bit of the “wild-west”. When you suspect your computers have been invaded by unwanted software, there is help. However, the best move is preventive. Contact us for help in your business security needs.

See our page on Services to learn more on how we can support your business and enhance your security.

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