Our Services

Computer and Networking Support

Installation, configuration and troubleshooting of new and existing PC’s. Win-tune-up – Our fixed cost analysis of your Windows workstation. We can assess your workstations for current patch levels, overall system performance and reliability. This can greatly help your existing systems perform at its peak abilities, as well as offer guidance on existing problems or future upgrades.

Unbiased Advice

Installation, configuration, maintenance and administration of networks from two to one hundred computers! We support the following networking systems: Windows 9x, NT 4.0 & 2000 Server, Linux Red Hat, along with Mac -Linux -Windows integration. We also can offer wireless networking in specialized applications. We will be adding Solaris support, a rarity on Cape Cod in the future.

Network Security, Virus Protection and Disaster Recovery

Protecting your data should be your number one computer concern. Let us provide you with a comprehensive protection plan with active virus protection, data backup and a realistic disaster plan for fire or other calamity. We can help you greatly reduce these risks with a proactive stance, by testing your network for security holes and virus vulnerability assessment. Conversely good virus and disaster prevention can save thousands in lost time and lost business.

Linux and Open Source Integration

You may have seen the IBM ads on TV touting Linux. So, what is Linux and why should I care ? Well, Linux is a open source operating system, collaboratively developed by hundreds of programmers around the world. Its openness and flexibility makes it great for desktops and servers. Linux is almost completely immune from the common plagues of the Internet, like viruses, spy ware and the like.

Our experience using Linux, as well as involvement in an open source project Scribus gives us unparalleled insight into its virtues and abilities. We can provide numerous solutions for your business needs – tailored to your needs.

DTP and Pre-Press Support

One of our true specialties is the support of specialized applications for pre-press graphics and desktop publishing. We can assist service bureaus, printers and designers with issues like color management, operating systems, networks, Postscript printing. The best reference we can give you is to look over some of the documents we have written about DTP applications, linked by Adobe and other DTP websites. We also platform agnostic, supporting PC, Mac and Linux.