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The following are links which have information and additional applications to assist you getting good results with Scribus, as well as links to further explore the capabilities of Linux in the DTP world.

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There is a Wiki Pagewith the wish list for Scribus features.

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Color Management

Along with the littlecms libraries, there is a very useful and accurate monitor profiler and scanner profiler which works with littlecms. These are standalone Qt applications, so you will need at least the Qt development libraries, along with littlecms.

This site has an experimental gimp plug-in which can assign RGB device profiles to images. CMYK support is expected to be added to Gimp 2.0. Note when compiling you may need to run: export LDFLAGS=”-lm” running ./configure/ This site also has an extensive listing of links to color management.

Color Profiles – Along with the color profiles, Adobe has recently released under very liberal licensing terms for a group of CMYK press icm profiles, which are the defaults used in a number of publication applications. These would be a good beginning default set of press profiles for Scribus if you are planning to send Scribus files (PS or PDF) to a commercial printer. These profiles include US, European and Japanese press defaults. is where you will find all the background and theoretical information on color, and image manipulation.

This is the of the two really well done short guides to understanding color theory and color management available on the web. The other is: has an excellent collection of FAQ’s and links for color management. His article on explaining gamma is the reference for PC’s. is the home page of one of the major contributors to Gnome graphic libraries as well as being the maintainer of Ghostscript. is the home of icclib V 2.0 – this is a icc color profile library, not necessary for Scribus, but these libraries have been included in the latest 7.0x AFPL and GNU releases of Ghostscript to support CMYK printing and icm profiles in images.


Adobe has just released a new version of their Acrobat Reader v. 5.0.8 for Linux and Solaris. (Note 5.0.8 is a bug fix for 5.0.6/7) Download Links

Xnview is a cross-platform image/viewer/translator/browser for Linux. It has libraries to convert all kinds of obscure and/or cross platform image file formats. It is available for AIX,BE/OS, BSD, Solarisx86,HP-UX,Irix, Linux and Windows. Also included is a command line translator/converter – Nconvert.

PDF Javascript References

Note: This link may move, as Netscape is reorganizing their site. These docs are the javascript references for different versions of Javascript.

This is the PDF reference for Javascript and PDF 1.4 in Acrobat and Acrobat Reader 5.1.- 9.8 Mb


Home page for the Gentium Unicode font.

This is a freely available, well designed Unicode font created as a part of a research project at the University of Reading. The Gentium font works well in Scribus and has substantial non-Latin coverage, as well as ligatures, extended symbol coverage and Diacritics for many European languages. Many other links and info on Unicode.

is the recently updated Linux fonts howto as a PDF

is the howto for fixing screen rendering in X – mostly for Web browsing, but good info on X and fonts.

Comprehensive site on Fonts and X-Windows. or

A KDE Control Panel application which as a font Installer and also helps to fix problems with Star Office and other linux applications. Recommended. An updated version is included with KDE 3 in the Control Panel.

Type 1 utilities which ease the installation of Type 1 fonts. Some distributions include this with base install.

Probably the most comprehensive site on True Type Fonts outside of the site at Microsoft or Apple.

Freetype libraries. Freetype is currently at version 2.1.4, but as of version 2.1.2, there are a number of changes in the base code to prepare for the development of Freetype 2.2 and v. 3.0. Freetype is now included with XFree86 4.2+.

If you have TT fonts, this is a cool plug-in for fonts effects in Gimp, which can be used for rotation, shear etc. You will need certain extensions enabled in your X server – like render.

A True Type to type 1 converter. Also can create .afms, which Scribus uses for font handling. Can be compiled to run on Win32 with the Cygwin tools.

Corel has a nice collection of True Type fonts in .deb packaging. RPM based distros can can install this with Alien has the tools to download the MS web font collection. These fonts are also very reliable printing fonts if setup properly on your workstation. is an open source font editor

has an excellent set of guidelines for typography and font usage. Helpful for new designers and achieving readable documents.

Hardware for DTP

This web site has a very comprehensive listing of color management related links, as well as a command line scanner calibrator under development.

This site is an interesting collection of articles and links on Linux and Mac, as well as ideas on using Linux as a DTP server within a Mac environment.


Should be your first stop for info, drivers and news about everything Linux and printing. Good site for troubleshooting printing problems.

Has the Gimp-Print drivers – excellent reproduction on supported ink jets from the Gimp. We’ll vouch for the quality and ability to tune the output, EXACTLY, as you wish. Highly recommended for printing high quality photos within Gimp.

This is the home of the CUPS printing system. Version 1.1.15+ has support for CMYK printing.

Is the home page of XPP X Printing Panel. I understand this is included with the base Mandrake install. Recommended. and for everything related to Ghostscript. offers a wealth of info on Postscript and Ghostscript.

Image Editing Obligatory Link to Wilbur 🙂 Photographer Luis Salgarelli has recently posted several interesting pages under the theme of Linux Digital Darkroom, including using Picture Window on Wine with Color Management enabled.

Vector Editors

Has a complete listing of almost every open source vector related software, as well as specialized libraries which provide vector capabilities.

The home page of Sketch. This is already a very usable program and has tools for handling text on a path, as well as a plug-in API, which can extend its capabilities. Development is currently focused on the port from Python to GTK.

Sodipodi is a very promising vector editing program done with the GTK tool kit. It also can output SVG and linked on the site is a command line tool to convert Illustrator programs. The newest versions also include can autotracing functions if the autotrace function is installed. Autotrace has the ability to convert bitmap files to vector files.

Graphically Oriented Linux / Unix Sites

Has news and articles on 2d and 3D for Linux, as well as some tutorials.

is an on-line version of Grokking the GIMP. Excellent tutorial on GIMP.

is a superb Linux graphics site with down-loadable PDF’s on everything Linux and Graphics (mostly in French)

The Graphics Muse Site, after being dormant for almost 2 years has been revived and has daily news feeds and links to many Linux graphics sites. There also a number of Gimp tutorials as well.

Commercial Linux Programs or

Caldera Graphics has an image work flow suite for Linux with icc support. You can download a free version of Cameleo Light, which is also included in Caldera’s Open Linux. Version 5.0 is expected to be released in the next few weeks.

Offers a postscript RIP and scanning for Linux. This suite of programs were chosen by Solaris for internal printing

Offers a number of OPI, PDF and pre-press applications which run on Linux and Solaris.

Offers a complete pre-press work flow application with the primary platform being Linux. Warning this site uses flash only (Grr.)

Offers their Black Magick RIP on Linux, SGI or Solaris platforms

has a shareware scanning package. Available on Mac/Windows and Linux. Well regarded and frequently updated.


is company with a number of PDF applications, most of which run on Linux as well as Win32 and Mac. There is a neat tool called Pdfmeld, which can be used for merging and lightly editing PDF files. Free version for personal use. PDF Image Stream is a program to convert an image or group of images to PDF

is a set of libraries for working with and converting PDF files. This was created by Thomas Merz, author of the Ghostscript manual. Downloadable source code for the libraries available under a mostly free license like Alladin Ghostscript.

Linux verision command line unstuffdemo for Stuffit files usually created on a Mac. This is a demo package with stuffit compressor and expander. The expander is freeware.

SVG Links

Scribus has plug-ins to import and export SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics), a W3C standard. SVG files are an XML format files which can be scripted with javascript, as well as displayed in web pages and browsers with the correct plug-in. Much of the new graphics development with KDE desktop is focused on using the file format in the future.

SVG Foundation has a wealth of links and news.

is a PDF which outlines the support for for SVG within the SVG plug-in from Adobe. Adobe has released a plug-in for Linux,marked as a “beta”, but it might work on other distros. Caution is advised using the plug-in with Mozilla, as there are known incompatibilities with Moz 1.0+.

is a link page to further exploring SVG.

Its name says it all.

Batik is an apache plug-in, which be used with web pages.

has some good beginner tutorials.

Python Links for the Python Scripter Plug-in

is the home of Active States Python Cookbook

Beginning with Python

Python Imaging Downloads


Some distributions do not include Python Imaging. This page has download links and Python Imaging can be used to extend the Python Scripting plug in Scribus, as well it is a requirement for the vector drawing program Sketch.

CZ py – Czech Python site

has a short article with downloadable scripts to create thumbnails of Scribus documents. The script itself is in English. A good example of extending Scribus via the scripting plug-in

Corel Photo Paint Links the download page for Corel Photopaint. Make sure you get the updated libraries. has some good tutorials on Corel Photo Paint

A tutorial in German about Photopaint.

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