Acrobat & Pagemaker 6.5 / 7.0 & Windows 2000

Nothing has frustrated Pagemaker users more than Export to PDF or Distiller issues with PM 6.5 or 7 and/or Windows 2000 / XP. Below is a simple flow chart to diagnose and probably cure a good number of repeated problems. This is by no means comprehensive, but a good first start.

It is also very important to understand Pagemaker has little support for Unicode fonts on Windows 2000. Thus, you will find it difficult to bring in Word docs for written in a Central European language and retain the diacritic marks needed. If this is a part of your workflow. You need either Indesign or regular non-Unicode fonts in your language. has Cyrillic and Central European Type 1 fonts which will output to .ps properly in Pagemaker. More info and other links are in the Fonts section of Pagemaker 6.5 / 7.0 Windows 2000 XP FAQ

First steps to check:

1) Acrobat in all its various flavors is not a point and click printer. Lather, Rinse, Repeat. You, the reader, as the user need to know there is a very well written PDF manual For Acrobat Distiller, as well as the basic reference for Distiller Parameters which will be installed in the help subfolder where Acrobat or Distller is installed. It is typically found: Program Files\Adobe\Acrobat 5.0\Help\ENU(English US) – Depends on the language and country It covers compression, embedding fonts, color management. Not too long (20 pages) or too technical.

The heavy duty stuff manual #5151 – Distiller Parameters– there are about 100 which control PDF creation) has all of the details on the settings contained within a “.joboptions” file which Distiller uses to create PDF’s. If you create PDF’s regularly it would be good to give this a glance or have it for reference.

2) Read this bulletin fromAdobe Or at least read this through carefully. Further, you will need to do this to any .ppd file you are using with Pagemaker. These are located in a subfolder \PPD4\ in Pagemaker directory. I think this is good practice unless you have a printer with a large number of Type 1 fonts. If this is the case, your printer manufacturer should provide you with the licensed fonts on disk.

3) Then this.

4) Then this. Error: ‘Can not find the AcrobatPPD

5) Then this.

Other problems which can cause export to PDF or Distilling Problems and Pagemaker:

PM has the ability retain font information within hidden or unused styles in files which have been re-saved, reused or saved into a template. Run the script called delete unused styles. By the way, this is a good final step before running save for service provider – not perfect at handling graphics – but it usually can flag font problems.

Pagemaker’s handling of Unicode (They show up with CYR, CE or TUR after the name of the font.) True Type and Open fonts is different under Windows 2000 and XP, because the postscript driver is quite different compared to Win9x and not well documented. If you are using True Type / Open Type fonts that will not distill, see if you can install earlier ( Win9x ) versions of the same fonts. the newer Open Type fonts share this same behavior. Be forwarned some fonts are “protected” system files and may not be allowed to be substituted from the originals.

This article is excellent as a troubleshooting guide for font substitution with Pagemaker and Windows 2000.

These mini FAQ’s for Pagemaker are an excellent set of recommendations for reliably creating PDF’s as well as other techniques. We heartily endorse the idea of NOT using Export to PDF which is explained in the FAQ’s. If you need bookmarks or hyperlinks, you need the full version of Acrobat which can do this and much more. Plus, having the full version allows you to add some worthwhile plug-ins like Quite a box of Tricks from or Pit Stop Plus from Enfocus. Both are really amazing at fixing and pre-flighting PDF’s.

This article explains Watched Folders How to, an alternative to Exporting to PDF. This allows a greater degree of control over your creation of PDF and is good for creating a consistent method for creating PDF.

Finally, Here Is where the difficult troubleshooting begins.

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