About Us

Atlantic Tech Solutions was formed five years ago to provide much needed services on in Southeastern Massachusetts: Competency in both information technology – and – business process. Our basis of knowledge comes from supporting information technology for more than ten years in the international travel industry serving multi-national clients both with technology and high levels of client service.

We are certified by CompTIA and are Microsoft Certified Professionals, as well as other industry certifications.

Our documentation and articles have been published in Linux Journal and PC Update as well as linked from many other websites.

We are a regular guest on WNAN/WCAI National Public Radio’s The Point. Join us on air.

Please feel to contact us for detailed references or examples of documentation of projects and client services.

About this site

We have attempted as much as possible to build this site for speed and printable pages. Our logs tell us at least 40% of the visitors are from abroad and we are sensitive the costs of telecom charges. Moreover, the site reflects our philosophy of not making things more complicated than necessary. No flash and a minimum of JavaScript, hopefully, just useful content for the visitor.

We have also attempted to make every page 100% compliant with W3C standards for XHTML 1.0 using cascading style sheets. We have also endeavored to make the content accessible according to the Web Accessibility Initiative. This is shown shown by the validator tags at the bottom of each page. This site will display best in browsers which support W3C standards the best including:

  • Mozilla 1.2+ (recommended)
  • Opera 7 (recommended)
  • Internet Explorer 6.0+ (Windows)
  • Internet Explorer 5.2 (Mac)

Thus, any version 5+ browser should render just fine. If a page does not render properly, it is a browser bug. Regretfully, Netscape 3.x will not render the png graphics we use. PNG is an excellent file format for web graphics and it prints well. Moreover, Netscape 4 has multiple bugs in its support for W3c compliant tables and style sheets.

Owing to gif patent issues, we have to eliminated gif’s on our site. We test our pages on more than a half dozen browsers on Linux, Windows, Solaris and Mac. This includes Mozilla 1.2.1, Internet Explorer 5 + 6 Opera 6 and Konqueror 3.0, Galeon and Lynx. An excellent explanation of the reasoning is is here: Redesigning Wired News On Line